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Wide range of sewage plants completely made in plastic material

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In the page of products there is section devoted to components and spare parts.

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Via San Francesco D'Assisi 144
Email: info@depursystems.it

tel: (+39) 099 4746974
Fax: (+39) 099 4740070

Routine maintenance of treatment plants is carried out with care and professionalism, to ensure all customers that the facilities remain outstanding performance for the entire life cycle. The efficiency of a system must always be in fact on the specifications declared: the maintenance service can ensure that this happens, including commissioning any repairs or replacements in case of failure and malfunction. The Depur SYSTEMS Srl makes a turnkey service covering the whole process of designing and operating the sewage treatment plant maintenance is carried out particularly through the implementation of special activities and control services. Through the use of modern equipment, our skilled technicians ensure the perfect maintenance of the system from time to time checking the full functionality through rigorous control of the solidity of the structure, the perfect functioning of all electromechanical units, monitoring of electrical boxes and wiring. All service and maintenance may also be accompanied by an emergency rescue service, repair and replacement of faulty or malfunctioning items: Corporate Headquarters, you can request more information or to know in detail all the possibilities 'intervention.


List of plants currently managed