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Among our products...
Wide range of sewage plants completely made in plastic material

Components and accessories...
In the page of products there is section devoted to components and spare parts.

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Via San Francesco D'Assisi 144
Email: info@depursystems.it

tel: (+39) 099 4746974
Fax: (+39) 099 4740070


The Engineering Department, the heart of the company, has its strengths in technical expertise, in the speed and flexibility in responding to customer needs. Its complete computerization optimizes all phases from design to manufacturing to installation of the plants. The design, thoughtful and careful, uses a highly specialized staff, as well as the latest technology with powerful hardware and software that enable 2D/3D at the outset, to meet customer needs by defining the main features and general layout of 'facility, complete with photo-realistic rendering preview and then, via the Executive, with the development of the construction of each plant dards, following scrupulously the assembly, testing and final installation.
Much attention is also drawn up in all the technical documentation concerning the system and its operation (CPS), to give the customer a comprehensive tool for the proper monitoring and maintenance of the facility. This philosophy allows us to make small and large orders at short notice and with maximum flexibility with the primary objective of providing assistance to the global customer.


Engineer Dpt.