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Among our products...
Wide range of sewage plants completely made in plastic material

Components and accessories...
In the page of products there is section devoted to components and spare parts.

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Via San Francesco D'Assisi 144
Email: info@depursystems.it

tel: (+39) 099 4746974
Fax: (+39) 099 4740070


The company philosophy is that of a continuous development, aimed at increasing the satisfaction and needs of customers and end-user, presenting itself as a major player in the sector of the chemical treatment of water and air. The Depur sytems S.r.l. is proposed, therefore, as a technical partner for its customers, providing them with the experience gained over decades of presence on the chemical treatment plant and water and air and providing valuable technical support for solving problems the operation of the plant. Safety, security and environmental protection are the areas where the company makes use of their professionalism.