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Wide range of sewage plants completely made in plastic material

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The reverse osmosis desalinators advantage the ability of particular semipermeable membranes to obtain two solutions, a poor salts of said permeate and a concentrate rich in salts such that represents the deviation. The reverse osmosis is, today, the technique most convenient and safe for the separation of substances or dissolved salts contained in a liquid, with simultaneous action of absolute sterilization. It makes use of the property of certain membranes which are characterized by very high salt rejection (semi-permeable membranes) which, fed by more or less brackish water under suitable conditions of pressure (well above the osmotic pressure of the water to be treated), allow the passage of the majority of water with a very low salt content (permeate) while most of the salts contained in the fluid are retained externally to the membranes (concentrated) and then discharged. Therefore, the osmotic membrane acts as a barrier against, not only of salts and inorganic substances, but also with regard to organic substances of molecular weight greater than 1000 amu; is therefore an excellent protection against micropollutants, pesticides, viruses and bacteria content in the water. The Depur Systems Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of reverse osmosis desalination. Our units can be used in all those sectors where treatment is required of the water with high safety for the daily consumption, and in the processes in a continuous cycle where it is needed an advanced technology for the production of pure water.