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Among our products...
Wide range of sewage plants completely made in plastic material

Components and accessories...
In the page of products there is section devoted to components and spare parts.

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Via San Francesco D'Assisi 144
Email: info@depursystems.it

tel: (+39) 099 4746974
Fax: (+39) 099 4740070


Depur SYSTEMS Srl provides consultancy on technical and managerial issues of pollution in wastewater, in favor of private companies and public administrations, paying their commitment to all those facing wastewater treatment solutions, in compliance with technical requirements and economic needs of the customer, environmental regulations and the general principles of environmental sustainability. The solutions proposed by Depur SYSTEMS Srl are characterized by numerous integrated services in the construction of treatment, including counseling, the study of the process, the design, supply and start-up of the system, including continuous monitoring with laboratory analysis. These services are joined, also assisting in the management of the wastewater treatment and, with it, ensuring a constant efficiency of the same and its compliance with applicable laws. Based on customer requests the Depur SYSTEMS Srl is able to develop a conceptual design of the 'system and a subsequent draft of its bid, with assessment of costs and production times.